We are currently aware of problems related to display errors on smart contracts that could lead to our project being misinterpreted as a scam. [Update10/20 9AM(UTC)]

1)”Mint” was not displayed upon connecting Metamask

We have identified the cause of this and are working to rectify this problem.

2)We have noticed the glaring issue where some items do not show activity history in Opensea.

The following is the current situation in which the parties involved who received AIRDROPed items and the lack of activity history. The issue we identified involves the program performing the AIRDROP procedure. The proper procedure was to transfer what we minted to everyone so it would display correctly. However, since the minting process was procedural, the activity history display had malfunctioned per opensea protocol. We are currently attempting to solve this by asking the person who received the AIRDROP to list the item and display the activity. (about 1ETH) For those who have cooperated with this measure, we will have an additional AIRDROP in the appropriate order. Note:Gas fee will be charged when you first list. Valid until 10/31.

For those who are Holders who are part of the LIST, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3)We are well aware that the items purchased do not display in the wallet.

There have been reports of AIRDROPed items displayed as hidden, to troubleshoot this issue, select “unhide” in the more options section. (button with three dots) Opensea tends to hide AIRDROP items for unverified projects. For those who have received AIRDROP items will need to unhide them. This has caused many to believe that the items that fail to appear in the wallet is a scam.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We sincerely apologize and extend an explanation of the following events that occurred during the pre-sale of SOWTEN.

(1) There was a period of time when entries could not be made for the Whitelist 1 call that caused a link to the Discord community to malfunction.  (Correspondence) Added 100 spots of compensation to the 300 WL spots.

(2) The entry screen for PREMINTCollectorPass holders had a video from another series called “SOWTENPUNKS” on it. The same video was also put up on the official website too.    (Response) It was decided to respond to everyone who had misunderstood with an airdrop of SOWTENPUNKS after Public Mint. The announcement was scheduled for 10/20.

(3) There was a system issue that delayed the mint start time by about 3.5 hours.  One hour before the mint start time of the two presales, there was a series of issues wherein the system that was working perfectly at the test site by one hour before the start time did not work in the production environment, in addition there was a crucial issue where the engineers could not access OpenSea. To solve this problem, we switched to a backup system, which also did not work, and modified the system to work, which took about three and a half hours. During this time, we were not able to make sufficient announcements, although we were notified of the situation via Twitter and Discord, which caused confusion. In addition, the link to the Mint website was confusing and caused further confusion.

 This is what happened during the pre-sale. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. As a response, we would like to compensate all SOWTEN holders by Airdrop of the next series “SOWTENPUNKS”, which was scheduled to be dropped after this issue, to all SOWTEN holders who will be issued this time.

 Thank you for your continued support of the SOWTEN series. [Update10/15]

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