Here are some of our projects.

1)Our Project Objectives

 The Web3 world has emerged, new currencies have been created, and art and technology have merged as NFT art. Who could have foreseen the emergence of such an exciting world?  We are the first to create fascinating art characters and market them as NFT art pieces. Next, we plan to develop these characters into games and animations and enter the Web3 entertainment industry. At the same time, we will invite many promising artists to join the NFT art world and the entertainment world that is connected to it.  The name of the project, SOWTEN, reflects our determination to create a new era . First of all, our goal is to create a Web3 art brand by introducing a new trend of contemporary art from Japan to the cutting edge art market.

2)Contemporary art inspired by Japanese manga

SOWTEN is an NFT art project that aims to quilt together Japanese manga aesthetics into a world that combines Ukiyo-e and Pop-art. The seamless transitions between the traditional and the new by way of collaging them by removing a subject from its artistic context and reconstituting it in a new one. Our engineers programmatically integrate hundreds of hand drawn assets by Japanese and American Artists to create 5,555 works of art. Each artwork is called “Agents”. Agent holders will have priority in all subsequent projects we work on in the future and will be able to have experiences only they can have.

3)Why Japanese Manga is Art

Nobuo Tsuji, a leading Japanese art historian and author of the classic book that changed the course of Japanese art history, "Kisso no Keifu" (1970), wrote that manga and anime are contemporary Japanese art. This was a great inspiration for Takashi Murakami, a world-renowned Japanese contemporary artist, who subsequently brought Japanese manga and anime to the Western contemporary art market, sparking the "Superflat" art movement. Manga and anime are considered art in that they play by the rules of Western contemporary art, that is, they are layered in context. The SOWTEN works also underwent a nine-month process of trial and error in order to increase the artistic intensity and to achieve a unique artistic expression.

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