Our project team

Taro Katsura:Founder

No Art No Life I love art, and when I was a student, I backpacked and visited museums around the world to enjoy real art. I see great potential in NFT art created by art and technology. Let's pull down the world-class Japanese art and dive together into a major event in the art and internet world that has been gaining momentum since 2021. Our team is mostly business owners, but increasing our Web3 literacy is a prerequisite for survival in the business of the future. And art enriches our minds. We hope our project will give you some insight into the digital future and the core of art.

Daisuke M :Engineer

Coming soon.

Hiroshi Kato:Marketer

"Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Once a Creator, always a creator. Virtual currency and blockchain were brought by state-of-the-art technology. Breaking away from centralization. We take on the challenge of a global business using contemporary art.

When I was a student, I backpacked the world. I met many people and learned about a wide variety of races and values. To turn those differences into creative energy is fascinating.

Teamwork is really important to win the game. Purchasing art and joining our community is truly a boarding pass to embark on a global voyage. Your collective wisdom is the key to the project's success.

Each has a different solution to the problem. I met @NftTaro|SOWTEN at the Entrepreneurial School. He has great creativity for art, and leadership. Founders come from different backgrounds and have different strengths.

Never give up until we succeed. I have a son and a daughter. I want to show them a world full of dreams and hopes. In our digital society, we have easy access to the world. Let's create a new world together!

Go Sanai:Moderator

Hi, everyone!

When I was a child, I hated to study and my grades were way down from the bottom of the class. However, I had a big dream to start my own business.

In my early 20's, I worked at a ramen shop in Manhattan, New York, traveled across the United States in a camper, and went on a snowboarding trip to New Zealand, and so on. I just play freely.

Finally, I could start my own business when I was 26 years old.

In my 30s, I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in various studies and finally arrived at a place of spirituality and enlightenment.

It became clear to me that life is virtual. It's just like being in a video game.

So now, without ego or attachment, I do what I intuitively find enjoyable.

One of them is the NFT art project.

And another is ocean fishing.

I have many lifetimes, but only one in this life.

I'm still going to play around!

Yasu Yamamoto:Spatial designer,Investor

The population is 7.954 billion in this earth. I have a 1 in 7.954 billion chance that you are reading this message. I am very grateful for this miracle.

My job is space design. I have designed many offices for high brands and well-known companies. The process of realizing a client's vision felt like cutting out a small part of the infinite possibilities and forcibly replacing it with this finite world. Moreover, we could not use the materials we wanted because of the budget. We were not able to obtain heartfelt satisfaction.

But in virtual space, expression is free. The value of marble, stainless steel, or wallpaper is no different.

We'll send out what's truly fair, essential, and soul-exciting!


Tanaka Hi-power

Mr. Tanaka is an anonymous artist living in Japan and is the creative lead for this project. Our team spent about three months carefully selecting from thousands of artists to offer Mr. Tanaka. Because she is a well-known artist, she was able to participate in this project on the condition of anonymity.


Maz is an artist and philosopher living in San Francisco. He is an idea man who brings a variety of ideas to our work, while at the same time bringing a balanced international sensibility to our team, which tends to have a Japanese flavor.

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